About Big Head Lacrosse

100% Original. 100% Lacrosse.

Like you, we’re focused on lacrosse.
Our original shirts and customized gear
are designed just for you. Check out our inaugural designs—and check back in as we add new designs on a regular basis. The only shirt and gear company focused solely on lacrosse, BHL also offers the only 100%
goalie specific shirts and gear.

In a world of big box, big label sports apparel, did you ever notice that something was missing? Do you have LAX tourney shirts with lots of bad logos and no real design? Do you love lacrosse and think it deserves MORE? We do.

We think lacrosse deserves to take its rightful place in the sports pantheon. We think as America’s first game, it deserves the attention of our entire country. So join the Big Head Lacrosse Nation and show your pride in the sport you love by wearing professionally- and thoughtfully-designed lacrosse t-shirts and apparel.

Share the lacrosse love and stick it to the unoriginal.

Founded by a goalie, made for all players who love the game.

100% Original. 100% Lacrosse T shirts and LAX Gear.