Shoot Your Shot

5 Lacrosse Shooting Tips

1. Shoot Overhand

Sure, shooting overhand may not get you the most style points every time, but it will get you the most points on the board, which is what matters. Shooting overhand allows you to get plenty of power behind your shot, but it also makes your shot less predictable. Goalies can guess that you're going for the top shelf if you lacrosse stick is cocked to the side or down low, making it easier to stop. But shooting overhand might help you get one in the net.

2. Enjoy the Crowds

You may want to avoid crowds when on vacation, but in lacrosse they can be an attacker's best friend. When players are crowding the crease it makes it difficult for goalies to follow shots and see them from far away. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the further you are from the net, the harder it is to score, but if the goalie can't see you release your shot, you can catch them off guard and sneak one past the keeper.

3. Bounce!

Your coaches have probably emphasized this and they have done so for a good reason. Lacrosse goalies have a much easier time tracking shots when the ball is traveling in a straight line, but bouncing adds some unpredictability to your shot. For best results, try to make the ball bounce at the front of the crease so that it changes direction right before it reaches the goalie. This can also be a great way to use the terrain to your advantage. If you are playing on grass, your shot can bounce left or right, making it even harder to stop, while turf will make your shot bounce higher than usual, catching goalies that typically play on grass off guard.

4. Switch it Up

It may be difficult at first, but shooting with you off hand can open up more scoring opportunities. If you can shoot with your lacrosse stick on either side of you, it makes you a threat no matter which direction you choose to dodge when attacking. You can catch both goalies and defenders sleeping by shooting the same way for a few shots, then switching to your other hand just when they start thinking you can't shoot both ways. You can also create better shooting angles when on the side or wrapping around the net.

5. Make the Goalie Work

This next tip may seem obvious, but it's often easier said then done when your moving at high speeds in games. Aim away from the head of the goalie's stick. Aiming down and away, so that the goalie has to move their stick all the way across their body makes saving your shot much more difficult. In addition, read where a goalie is positioning themselves when you are on the side of the net, since they will often leave a hole between them and the post which you can exploit with a well aimed shot.

Grab a bucket of lacrosse balls and hit the field with these new tips in mind and check back in to this blog for more lacrosse tips, tricks, and of course – Ts!