5 Tips For Breaking in a New LAcrosse Pocket

1. Hit the Wall: This tip is probably the oldest in the book, but it's still worth mentioning due to how well it works. Playing catch with a friend or throwing against a wall will not only help break in the pocket, it will break in the areas of the mesh that are most used, while helping you get acquainted with your new set up. Plus, a little practice never hurt anybody.

2. Steal Your Mom's Hair Conditioner: To help soften up the mesh on your new pocket just give it a bath. Soak the stick in hot water and rub some hair conditioner into the mesh so that the whole pocket has absorbed your hair product of choice. Let the lacrosse head dry for 20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing out the conditioner in hot water. Make sure all of the conditioner has been washed off to avoid a crusty, stiff pocket--then dry it off with a hair dryer on high heat.

3. Butter It Up: Although this tip is great for breaking in new pockets, you should be doing this with any lacrosse heads you aren't using a few times a week to help them keep their shape. Simply take a lacrosse ball and put it into the deepest part of your pocket. Next grab a butter knife and slide through the sides of your lacrosse head so that it goes across the top of the ball, keeping it firmly in the pocket.

4. Pound It: This tip might require a little bit more elbow grease, but it can be great for dusting off an old pocket you haven't used in a while or breaking in some of the firmer pockets. You can find a lacrosse pocket pounder online or at your local lacrosse shop, but you can also make your own. If you choose the latter, it's easiest to grab an old lacrosse ball and stick a screwdriver into the middle of it so that you have a handle attached to the ball. Next, spend the following 20-30 minutes taking all of your pent-up aggression out on your lacrosse head by pounding the ball into the mesh while you watch your favorite T.V. show or find yourself on a long car ride. Just make sure you aren't driving.

5. Do a Nice Deep Stretch: For this tip, we recommend removing your shooting strings. Like the hair conditioner step, this one usually works best when you soak your lacrosse head in hot water. Once you have removed the shooting strings and soaked the mesh, pull on different parts of the pocket to help stretch out the areas that need the most improvement, but make sure you don't pull to the point that you are putting too much strain on your lacrosse head. Finally dry it off with a hair dryer and restring your shooting strings.

We hope these steps help you break in your new pockets. Remember to keep up to date on our tips and tricks for all types of lacrosse wisdom.